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Climbing | Red River Gorge

In the fall of 2016, I went on my first climbing trip. We took a weekend away from school and drove 4.5 hours south to Jackson Falls Illinois, which is part of Shawnee National Forest. Since it was a national forest there are very little camping restrictions, and we were able to drive in and park up above the ravine and set up camp for the weekend. After this weekend I absolutely fell in love with the sport. Since my first adventure I have been able to take many trips, built friendships I never would have, and made memories I will never forget.

In December 2017 I went with six of my friends and we drove 7 hours down to Red River Gorge in Kentucky. We found a beautiful little cabin, in the back woods, and stayed down there for three nights. This weekend was one of my favorite weekends of outdoor climbing yet. It was also the first time I decided to try a video project. Im so excited for many more climbing trips to come, and where this lifestyle is going to take me. So here's to more freezing cold nights, early mornings, lots of coffee, frozen finger tips, long climbs, and weekend whippers.




Some people say that the wild in us is just as in danger as these wild landscapes, and sometimes I'm afraid that might be true. So I'll keep coming back here where it's quiet enough for me to hear my heart, and what I'm really longing for, where this wild thing inside of me, remembers to be just that. WILD


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