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What I'm All About


My Name is Chandler Lefever

I am a photographer currently splitting my time between my home near Dayton, Ohio and where I am finishing my last year of college in Bourbonnais, Illinois south of Chicago. I love to travel. I love hiking, climbing, pretty much anything you can do in water, frozen or thawed, all types of music, and all kinds of food and drink. But what I love most is sharing these things and the experiences that come with them, with the people in my life. 


​My friends and family, people I have met on my journeys, and people I will meet in the future are why I am so passionate about the things that I do. Especially why I am so passionate about my photography. The joy I can bring people when they see my photos is what pushes me to become a better photographer. Through my photography, I experiment with new projects, new ways of creating images, new perspectives, and always trying to move forward. 

The story behind the name

Photography has always been a passion of mine, but until a couple years ago, it was always just a hobby of mine. Then I had the opportunity to photograph a few weddings and I fell in love with it. As my photography has grown and I have been building a business from it, I struggled for a while, trying to decide what I wanted to name it. I wanted to create an original name that would go past my photography. For me my photography is not just about the images. I want my photography to inspire people to look at the world differently. 

The name I decided on is Saltwater Summit. It represents two of my favorite places to explore.  I find the most inspiration when I am swimming and surfing in the ocean, or Hiking and climbing big walls in the mountains. Saltwater Summit is one part of my story.


After Spending time in Ireland, the U.K., Spain, and the East Coast of the States I found another thing that I love to do, and that is traveling. Seeing new places, meeting new people, trying new food, and experiencing new things brings me a type of joy and inspiration that I want to help share. And with that I will eagerly, follow to wherever your story takes you, to help document it.  


One of my favorite things in life, is learning someone's story. Everyone has a completely different story, And I would love to help tell your story. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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